Spring SAUSD 2018

We kicked off this year with our third Spring Program & Showcase Finale Event featuring presentations by 14 teams from 3 different program sites at the Newkirk Alumni Center at UC Irvine.

With nearly 70 middle school students this year from McFadden Intermediate, Sierra Preparatory School, and Villa Fundamental Intermediate in Santa Ana, judges had an incredibly tough task to select 4 four winners to take the prize. In addition to the friendly judging competition, this year saw one fan favorite voting award for Best Poster.

Showcase Winners:
1st Place: The Eagles (Villa Fundamental)
2nd Place: The Immortal Hackers (McFadden Intermediate)
3rd Place: Cool Coding Kids (Villa Fundamental)
4th Place: Team Arrow (Villa Fundamental)
Fan Favorite (Best Poster): Bears (McFadden Intermediate)

Learn more about the apps created by the students teams from each school by clicking through the school tabs below.


App Name: Stranded
Mentor(s): Humberto L.
Team Members: Andy C, Angelica S., Esteban C., Fernando T., Oscar A.
App Description: Stranded challenges students to use their mathematical skills in order to win. The game takes place on a small island, and the objective is to leave the island before running out of lives. To do so, players answer math questions. Each correct answer adds another part to their boat. Each incorrect answer takes away a life. Three lives lost and the game is over. Five boat pieces constructed and players win the game! Answering more complex questions gives players a bonus life.
Technical Components Used: Databases to keep track of lives, boat pieces, and characters chosen. Input box to recrod answers from the user. Audio to add game sounds. Timer to make sure we didn't give the user a whole lot of time to answer questions to keep them on their toes!

Gucci Gucci Kaiju

App Name: Project Kaiju
Mentor(s): James T.
Team Members: Ralph R., Tenoch E., Victor C., Selena G.
App Description: Project Kaiju is a chemistry trivia game where you must save the world by defeating as many Kaiju monsters as you can!
Technical Components Used: Different audio for each part of the game, Timer Interaction, Dynamically changing label for questions and answer choices, Randomizer to choose different questions, Procedures, Global Variables, If/then/else statements

Bears - Best Poster!

App Name: The Missing Crocs
Mentor(s): Sarah H..
Team Members: Allyn B., Brianna A., Kimberly D., Leslie S., Marisol A., Marisol M.
App Description: The Missing Crocs is a history and math-focused game, featuring hand drawn graphics from team members. The objective of the app is to answer trivia questions in order to receive hints and find the missing crocodiles.
Technical Components Used: Database that keeps the variable of lives through all screens of our game, Moving sprites, collisions, and choosing randomly from a list to have random questions in each stage

Ducks TM

App Name: Smart Ducks
Mentor(s): Andy Y.
Team Members: Daniel G., Duane B., Felipe M., Helam C., Josue G.
App Description: Smart Ducks is an educational game in which players are given questions and need to answer them by hitting the right duck with a slingshot. The game's purpose is to help players practice their math skills.
Technical Components Used: Audio, databases, timers, moveable sprites, game canvas, control structures.

The Immortal Hackers - 2nd Place Winners!

App Name: The Tower of Destruction
Mentor: Aishwarya B.
Team Members: Jesus B., Dev V., Gabriel B., Miguel O., Vedh V.
App Description: The Tower of Destruction is about a baby dragon trying to save his kidnapped parents from an evil bomber. Jump up platforms by answering questions related to physical and life sciences, and make sure to avoid the falling bombs to save his parents!
Technical Components Used: Buttons, Accelerometer, Databases, Audio.


App Name: Watch Cats 2
Mentor(s): Musawwar R.
Team Members: Peter Q., Thomas H.
App Description: Watch Cats 2 requires players to use their computer science knowledge to answer questions. In order to get back to Earth, characters fight aliens on an extraterrestrial planet and hack their way through to the Portal Room of the alien headquarters.
Technical Components Used: GIFs, Moving Sprites, Audio
Additional Comments: Watch Cats 2 is a third person game that was heavily influenced by Mario and Watch Dogs. The students did an amazing job, but wanted to express that their app would have more features and actions given more time.

Team JBH

App Name: JBH CarMaximo
Mentor(s): Dennis Q.
Team Members: Badriyah S., Hector S., Joanna A.
App Description: JBH CarMaximo uses a racing-style format to help students practice their math skills. Players are given the task of collecting coins as they drive in order to reach a specified goal.
Technical Components Used: Touch, Audio

The Musketeers

App Name: Survive the Jungle
Mentor(s): Tracey T., Jessica W.
Team Members: Adrianne O., Crystal L., Emmanual O., Eric O., Erica O.
App Description: Can you make it out alive? After surviving a devastating plane crash, you are stranded in the middle of nowhere with little to no resources. Explore the jungle to find food, water, and shelter to help you and the others survive, or gather materials to get rescued. Survive the Jungle is an adventure side-scroller geared towards teaching 6th graders about science.
Technical Components Used: Images, sounds, buttons, clocks, handcrafted graphics
Additional Comments: If the students had more time they would implement more studio aspects and flexibility of character movement and selection.


App Name: The Infected Kingdom
Mentor(s): Neema Y.
Team Members: Michel P., Skylee T., Steve G.
App Description: The Infected Kingdom is a game about an evil tyrant who unleashed a great plague across the land! As the brave knight on a quest to save the land, use your knowledge of biology and medicine to cure the people and end the plague!
Technical Components Used: Animation, touch screen buttons, timers, audio

Team Arrow - 4th Place Winners!

App Name: Tree Defender
Mentor(s): Davis T.
Team Members: Miroslava V. Rubicel C. Brandon A..
App Description: The objective is this game is to defend your strawberry tree from incoming aphids while also maintaining adequate hydration for your tree. The app intends to teach students about basic plant science and emphasizes on subjects such as dehydration and overhydration as well as pest control.
Technical Components Used: The team implemented a canvas with sprites for the main gameplay area. A clock with a timer is used to signal the passage of time.

Looney Tunes

App Name: Candy Hunt
Mentor(s): Earl M.
Team Members: Jenny C., Mateo S., Ludibeth A., Anayeli S.
App Description: Welcome to Candy Hunt, a game designed to practice middle school algebra in a quest to regain all of your lost candy! You will got through a series of algebra problems, selecting the correct answer from a series of candy pieces. Correctly answering questions gives more candy, and consecutive correct answers in a row increases the score multiplier! Incorrectly answering a question resets your multiplier and looses one of your three lives. If you reach the max score and regain all of your candy back before losing all of your lives, you win!
Technical Components Used: A timer for each question, databases keeping track of high scores, audio feedback for correct and incorrect answers, touch input, dynamically changing labels to reflect different randomized questions and possible answers, various table arrangements for organization and pop-up menus.

Why Don't We Avengers

App Name: Max the Dog
Mentor(s): Yicong H.
Team Members: Priscilla S., Elonie F., Emma S. App Description: Our game teaches elementary school math through Max the Dog's journey. Max, the weiner dog, tries his best to pick up delicious cupcakes, whenever Max eats a cupcake, his belly grows longer and longer... But he just keeps eating all the cupcakes because he loves cupcakes! As the player, you have to direct Max to eat the cupcake with the correct answer to keep Max alive. It gets a little bit harder when Max becomes longer...
Technical Components Used: Audio, Buttons, Canvas, ImageSprite, Movement, Dynamically change label

The Eagles - 1st Place Winners!

App Name: The Chemist
Mentor(s): Jennifer C.
Team Members: Nathan S., German D., Angie L., Leesley A.
App Description: Our app, The Chemist, is a creative and interactive game that challenges players to defeat a robber who has threatened to steal a scientist's priceless invention -- all while introducing basic concepts in chemistry. Answer the questions correctly for a chance to defeat the villain. If the player answers incorrectly, a life is lost. This game was created with the excitement and courage to learn something new. We hope you enjoy this game and learn a bit of chemistry from it!
Technical Components Used: The Chemist utilizes dynamic labels, animated sprites, interactive buttons, life counters, procedures, list processing, and more!
Additional Comments: The students understood the importance of providing detailed instructions and popups that explained the game/question results, always keeping the user's experience in mind!

Cool Coding Kids - 3rd Place Winners!

App Name: Animal Helper
Mentor(s): Srivarsha N.
Team Members: Nathan S., Justin T., Casey C.
App Description: Our game is centered around a wounded animal that needs your help! By answering trivia questions correctly about the animal, you can help heal it! Whenever you answer a question correctly, the animal’s health meter will go up. If you don't answer the question correctly, the animal's health meter stays the same. If you answer all the questions, you can move onto the next level to help another animal!
Technical Components Used: Our app used a lot of sounds at different parts of the app. In addition, we utilized many graphics to show the various animals. We utilized a clock for the timer. We also worked with the screen's visibility settings to adjust the visibility of parts in the application to make it more efficient and run faster.