Spring PYLUSD 2018

The 2nd district-wide AppJam+ Program & Showcase Finale Event concluded on June 7th with students from all 6 Junior High Schools in the Placentia-Yorba Linda School District and 1 High School. Dreams for Schools partnered with the Orange County Center for International Trade Development to bring AppJam+ to Valencia High School students and have them build apps with the theme of Global Trade & Business. The Showcase finale event was held at the Performing Arts Center in Placentia-Yorba Linda and featured presentations from 32 student teams.

With nearly 150 middle school students from Bernardo Yorba Middle School, Kraemer Middle School, Travis Ranch School, Tuffree Middle School, Valadez Middle School Academy, Yorba Linda Middle School, and Valencia High School, judges had an incredibly tough task to select 4 four winners to take the prize. In addition to the friendly judging competition, a "Best Poster" award was voted on by participating students

Showcase Winners:
1st Place: Team Snacker Hackers (Kraemer Middle School)
2nd Place: Jamming Robot Unicorns (Tuffree Middle School)
3rd Place: The Ping Pongs (Bernardo Yorba Middle School)
4th Place: The Undergrads (Kraemer Middle School)
Student Favorite (Best Poster): The Invaders (Bernardo Yorba Middle School)
Center for International Trade Development Category Winner: Team Error 404 (Valencia High School)

Learn more about the apps created by the students teams from each school by clicking through the school tabs below.

The Ping Pongs - 3rd Place Winners!

App Name: Dungeons of STEM
Mentor(s): Ahad H..
Team Members: Seojoon L., Jordan F., Joseph K., Garen M..
App Description: You have been captured by the four Dark Dungeon Masters who are specialized in the different aspects of STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. In order to escape their wrath you must take your trusty sword and defeat each master by answering ten of their questions. If you successfully beat one of the masters, you will be put up against the next. After these relentless and rigorous trials and tribulations, only then will you be able to be free from The Dungeons of STEM. BUT BEWARE! The Dungeon Masters won't make it easy. As time passes, the questions become increasingly difficult. You only have three chances to answer all subject sections correctly or YOU WILL BE DOOMED FOR LIFE!
Technical Components Used: Audio, Collision Detection, Movable Sprites and NPCs, Question Lists, Variables, Clock/Timer, Pixel Art, Global Indices, Image Sprites, Buttons, Canvas.
Additional Comments: The 40 questions may be challenging if you have not practiced your STEM subjects!

Digital Dodos

App Name: Duck Adventures
Mentor(s): Jeffrey Guerra.
Team Members: Danya A., Alexander G., Jayden K., Kacper K.
App Description: The Humans have taken over your village, and now it is time for revenge! In this game, you must poop on the cars as part of your wrath. You gain ammunition by answering questions, and if you answer one incorrectly you lose. Be careful, be cautious, be poopful.
Technical Components Used: Audio, Clocks

The Invaders - Best Poster!

App Name: Stranded
Mentor(s): Jayro A.
Team Members: Babak A., Shaheer M., Kush P., Saloni R., Haylie P.
App Description: Stranded is a classic space shooter inspired from the classicarcade game - Galaga. The game aims to teach 4th-8th grade level students about the Astronomy of our solar system. Our game follows the adventure of Space Pilot Bob. Lost in an unknown part of space, Bob is trying to reach his mothership, but he must first get past mutant planets that are trying to swarm his ship. He must answer questions related to the planets in our solar system to make it back to the safety of his mothership. As the questions pop up on the screen, the objective is to shoot the planet corresponding to the correct answer. Waiting too long to answer or shooting the incorrect planet results in critical health damage.
Technical Components Used: Animations, Audio, Buttons, Clock-Timers, Hand-Drawn Graphics, and Lists.
Additional Comments: Given more time, our team had the idea of adding a boss at the end of the game and implementing more moving images to add to the look of the graphics.

No Connection

App Name: Mystical World of STEM
Mentor(s): Francisco H.
Team Members: Francesca E., Jimmy L., Mattias M., Kerry W., Guande X.
App Description: The Mystical World of STEM aims to get players to practice their math skills. You must answer math problems in order to defeat the Reapers and progress to the next level of the game.
Technical Components Used: Indexes, Timers, Databases, and several other components including a Collision.
Additional Comments: The team had fun building it and hoped for more time.

Cactus & the Three Peters

App Name: Battle of the Brave
Mentor(s): Joshua N.
Team Members: Seamus D., Adam T., Nate B., Pourya A.
App Description: Why are the planets colliding? Answer STEM trivia questions to get to the source of the problem and battle invading creatures along the way.
Technical Components Used: Lists, Audio, Buttons, Sprites, Canvases, Panels, Screens, Animation.


App Name: Counter Strike: Artificial Intelligence
Mentor(s): Neil W.
Team Members: Prince M., Nicholas T., GwanYong P., Ibrahim A., Khushi K.
App Description: This app is designed to teach and spread awareness of AI usage, the potential threats of it, and why we should worry more about it. It will give tutorials about code such as binary problems and code snippets, and give problems to the player to tackle in order to further progress the story line of the app as well.
Technical Components Used: Media files, Horizontal/Vertical Layout, Audio, Touchscreen
Additional Comments: Thank you for your time, we hope you enjoy our app!

Team Snacker Hackers - 1st Place Winners!

App Name: Fitness Fun-atics
Mentor(s): Iqra A.< br/> Team Members: Michael S., Nina K., Jayden L., Tyler O., Arjun P.
App Description: Fitness Fun-atics is a trivia game aimed to teach students in grades 7th-12th about the importance of eating healthy, exercising, and maintaining good nutrition. The game is set on a race track where the runner character is set to jump hurdles. Each hurdle represents a question and once the runner approaches a hurdle, a question appears on the screen. If the user answers the question correctly, the character jumps over the hurdle; otherwise, they trip over the hurdle.
Technical Components Used: Audio, ListPicker, ImageSprite, Canvas, Button

Worker Co.

App Name: Builder Inc,
Mentor(s): Kaipo T.
Team Members: Evan I., Aaron H., Ethan K., MiYa H.
App Description: A physics and math-based game where players build a bridge by tapping. If the player completes the bridge in time, a truck will cross the bridge, and the player will advance to the next level. If not, the truck will fall and the player loses
Technical Components Used: Timers, Canvas, ImageSprite, and dynamic numbers to increase difficulty between levels.
Additional Comments: Had the team had more time to work on this app more animations and graphics would have been able to have been implemented.

Undergrads - 4th Place Winners!

App Name: Speedlearn
Mentor(s): Cass T.
Team Members: Jessica C., Quentin R., Kaitlyn L. Jonathan C., Calvin H.
App Description: The year is 2030, and AI’s control everything, including schools. One day, the computer system in your school decides to lock up all the students, because it thinks that the kids are not working hard enough. You, the smartest kid in the world, needs to prove to the computers that humans are smart enough. The computer will give you a test on all subjects, and if you answer all the questions correctly, then the students will be freed. The subjects for the questions are Math, History, Science, and language arts. The test will take place over the two floors of the building, and to access further, you will need parts of the key. Completing all of the subjects results in the “Master key”, which will save all of your classmates
Technical Components Used: Each “Screen” is one subject, and each subject has three different multiple choice questions. The app uses buttons for you to click on answers and move on to the next screen. We have many blocks of code to make all of the questions, images, sounds, spacers, and tables.
Additional Comments: After a whole month, our team has managed to create an app that we are supremely proud of and gain much knowledge about the wonderful world of coding. If we had more time, then we would create more questions or maybe even PE as a subject. I hope that you have as much fun playing the game as we had making it!

Code Blue

App Name: Little Pharmacist
Mentor(s): Jinnie C.
Team Members: Ericson Z., Jason M., Gage G., Christopher Y..
App Description: Little Pharmacist incorporates biology and chemistry in order to help players learn more about chemical formulas and structures in a fun way by playing game. Little Pharmacist consists of largely two parts where, in the first part, players are asked to fill in the chemical formula of a medicine of his or her choice, and then, in the second part, fill in the chemical structure. Through this game, players will be able to better understand and visualize chemical structures of various medicines and how chemical bondings work.
Technical Components Used: Audio is used and all the art works are original.

Oof Bread

App Name: Oof Cafe
Mentor(s): Jason H.
Team Members: Makenna F., Kayla A., Jack M., Emma B., Daniel C.
App Description: Description: In Oof Cafe, you must use your knowledge of periodic element symbols to cater to your alien customers' unique taste in bread. These different "Oof-breads" must have the correct combination of elements in order to make your customer happy (and not explode!). Recommended for ages 8 - 12.
Technical Components Used: Audio, Timers, File reading (CSV Spreadsheet holding the questions) stored into a 2D list, random number generator seeded by current time and used to pick the questions from the main list, drag-able sprites, and exploding customers.
Additional Comments: Unfortunately, 3/5 of our team members had to attend a mandatory band performance the evening of the showcase, but they really wanted to attend.

Burnt Noodles

App Name: Math Zombies
Mentor(s): Jerry G.
Team Members: Cameron K., Griffin J., Justin L.
App Description: Math zoombies is a platformer / shooter game that involves jumping on platforms to attack the zombies with correct answers. Every question is randomly generated resulting in different questions every time you play. You must avoid the zombies while trying to attack the correct one. Attacking incorrect zombies will result in a loss of a life.
Technical Components Used: Audio, dynamic questions, all art was created, accelerometer

Potato Incorporated

App Name: Spudititis
Mentor(s): Alexander F.
Team Members: Lorelai S., Dylan B., Meleana H., Ishaan S., Aditya S.
App Description: Spudititis places you in a city where citizens are potatoes, and an outbreak of a potato rotting virus threatens your community! You the protagonist, the city's renowned chemist Solanum Fry, must develop an antidote to save your infected girlfriend Sarah Fry and the city before they rot! You must search for ingredients and create the antidote before the timer runs out! Chemistry questions (K-8th grade level) must be answered to progress through the game, and time will be rewarded for correct answers while deductions will be made for incorrect answers.
Technical Components Used: Canvas with dynamic environments, Image Sprites, Timers, Randomized Question Selection, Buttons, Labels, Audio, Flag Variables to monitor progress

8-Bit Phantoms

App Name: A Dreams End
Mentor(s): Raul A.
Team Members: Jeremiah A., Teddy A., Preston W., Simon N.
App Description: It’s dark. You’re in a room. You’re heart is racing. Time is ticking. Their voices get louder with each passing second. They are getting closer. Is this a dream? No. This is A Dreams End.
Technical Components Used: Audio pertaining to each room, movable character sprite (whose image changes with respect to it’s movement), lists to store each questions respected answers (actual and random), layouts and canvases in order to create multiple rooms, global variables for various components of the game, an abundance of if and else statments, loops, buttons for maneuvering throughout the rooms/screens, collision detection and responsiveness, audio for each room with respect to the monster and screen, and timers - lots and lots of timers.
Additional Comments: This entire team worked relentlessly day in and day out to create this amazing game. This is not your “typical” STEM game but we hope you find our app just as enjoyable as we do! Lastly, thank you in advance for taking the time to Judge our app, the entire 8-bit Phantoms team thanks you.

The Elements

App Name: The Prophecy
Mentor(s): Linny K.
Team Members: Sydney F., Sophia K, Ivan T., Moya T..
App Description: The Prophecy is an educational math game in which the player are allowed to choose between four different characters, each a different element. The game aims to test the player's math abilities through a timed interactive quiz.
Technical Components Used: The Prophecy utilizes touch input, databases to allow the player to choose their character, a clock and timer, randomizing list to display different questions every time, a slider to show how fast time is running out, notifier to display a message if the player won or lost, global and local variables, sound, and many if/then statements.
Additional Comments: The team came into the program with no experience in coding, but they have shown to grow as a team, worked diligently and learned so much about programming and app development. We hope you all enjoy the game and thank you!

The Guardians

App Name: Guardians of the Moon: Portal Invader
Mentor(s): Jeffrey L.
Team Members: Spencer M., Erik H., Tyler J.
App Description: It is the year 1969 and Neil Armstrong is in a race to get to the moon. Travel through inter-dimensional portals to get to the moon and defeat the final boss.
Technical Components Used: Databases, Audio, and Lists.

The Future Hackers

App Name: Escape from Planet Paradise
Mentor(s): Francisco A.
Team Members: Jun H, Kalina M., Emily B.
App Description: You crash land on a planet named Planet Paradise. The whole world is colorful. However, you wonder why it's called Planet Paradise! There's monsters roaming the planet and some are guarding your rocket's parts and they're anything but willing to give them up. Use your knowledge of space to beat these baddies and reclaim your parts to escape from Planet Paradise.
Technical Components Used: Lists, Screen tracking variables, random number generators, audio, buttons, labels, clocks, variables.

Jumanji Jimmy Jammers

App Name: The Unexpected Journey
Mentor(s): Joshua M.
Team Members: Andrew B., Shealyn R., Ariella B.
App Description: A group of friends are playing a board game when they suddenly get sucked into the game. In order to survive they must escape the maze by answering the given STEM questions correctly. In their effort to escape the maze, they encounter a number of different monsters.
Technical Components Used: Database, audio, lists, animation, button, canvas, image sprite, movement.

Kookie Dream

App Name: Dream Puzzler
Mentor(s): Alia A.
Team Members: Dorna M., Sam E., Summer T., Riley T.
App Description: Dream Puzzler is a trivia puzzle game. You are basically stuck in a dream trying to find your friend. So you need to navigate through the dream by answering science and math questions to reveal more pieces of the puzzle. When you finish the puzzle, the picture is revealed and you beat the dream puzzler and find your friend.
Technical Components Used: Audio. Pixel drawings by one of our team members.
Additional Comments: Our team had all different kinds of creative minds that made this app come together. From designers to creativity to coders. Which is why I think this app is going to be great.

Jamming Robot Unicorns - 2nd Place Winners!

App Name: Trivia Adventure
Mentor(s): Marianne T.
Team Members: Jacob C., Marian I., Allison A., Austin F.
App Description: Our game is a trivia game in which the player must spin a wheel to determine their category question. This includes all questions based off of science, technology, engineering, and math. The goal of the game is to reach the end of the maze by taking steps. Every correct answer results in moving forward two steps while answering a question incorrectly results in moving backwards one step.
Technical Components Used: Audio, canvas, movable image sprites, list picker, two different clocks, many labels, and many buttons
Additional Comments: If we had more time in completing this app, then we would have added more features like making the image in the maze move as if it is moving through the maze. We thank you for judging and hope you have a great day.

Fortnite Hero Squad

App Name: Body Defender
Mentor(s): George C.
Team Members: Mauricio C., Octavio C., Richard O., Zuriel M.
App Description: When there is no hope for a cure, sometimes you have to try something a little more...experimental. In Body Defender, you must shrink down and journey into your friend Jak's body to fight the viruses in their home turf...but do you have what it takes, or will the viruses take over everything?
Technical Components Used: Clocks, moving sprites, if/then statements, randomiz- ers, audios, buttons, canvases, labels, horizontal and vertical arrangements, proce- dures, and global variables.

The Crazy Coders

App Name: City Escape
Mentor(s): Alyssa K.
Team Members: Cornelio R., Isaac A., Miguel R., Pablo G., Sherlyn A.
App Description: When waking up for work, a man realizes he’s stuck in a dream! The only way to get him out and to work on time is to beat his boss, Boss Baby! Multiple science-related questions are asked and to get him through the city you must answer the questions by shooting the ball at the correct Boss Baby. This will be a challenge because Boss Baby will be quickly bouncing around from edge to edge with different answers. You must answer each question within 30 seconds AND without hitting the incorrect answers. Once you reach ten points, the man will be on his way to start his work day!
Technical Components Used: Lists to hold and display different questions and answers, horizontal arrangements for organization, several image sprites, a canvas to bounce Boss Baby from edge to edge and to shoot the ball, a clock and timer, audio, global variables, if/then/else statements, and procedures to group frequent- ly used blocks together.

Panda Wolfs

App Name: Jungle Roamers
Mentor(s): Octavio E.
Team Members: Albert A., Carmen Pi., Cesar F., Luis R., Joshuah H. , Briant M.
App Description: This app is an interactive/Temple run like game whos goal is to teach middle school students easy yet challenging science based skills. The game enables you to play as two different characters: The cute girl panda, or the fero- cious male wolf. Each having their own scenario , music , and overall questions. Hopefully you have as much fun as we did building it.
Technical Components Used: Database enables the player to choose between two different characters. Touch input enabled and timer as well.
Additional Comments: If the students had a bit more time, they would have been able to make the game run more smooth and effective.

Hackerz 101

App Name: The Meme Dream Jeopardy
Mentor(s): Carlos A.
Team Members: Alicia C., Edgar O., Hugo Es., Isaiah C., David G.
App Description: The Meme Dream’s Jeopardy is an education, yet very entertain- ing game of Jeopardy! Join us and with your knowledge in Astronomy, Biology, chemistry and Physic, you may be the next Jeopardy Winner!
Technical Components Used: Technical component that the student utilized was incorporating audio in the beginning, also using touch input. One Thing that would stand out in the background of the coding is having multiple screens and having them transfer data between each other which was one of the biggest problems.
Additional Comments: With the limited time, this team had the most dedicated students that want to flourish more with images and audio if time permitted. One main component we wish to touched was multiplayer. Syncing game with multi-player on different tablets.

El Toro Gaming

App Name: ON'favors
Mentor(s): Julia B. and Matthew V.
Team Members: Owen R.
App Description: ON'Favors is a space themed chess game where players need to answer science based questions correctly to navigate the board. All the while you are avoiding the enemy non player characters.
Technical Components Used: The game uses random number generators so that every game is different.
Additional Comments: The art and music was all made by the students. Originally the game was going to have a two player function and a story but due to absences and time constraints they had to be left out.

Epic-er Games

App Name: Infinite Space
Mentor(s): Julie T. and Chase C.
Team Members: Zachary B., Francis W., Mandalay C.
App Description: Explore what's beyond the Earth in Infinite Space! This game features two parts to maximize both education and fun. First, the user answers multiple choice multiplication questions by shooting the asteroid with the correct answer, earning coins to spend in the spaceship store. After sharpening their mathematics skills and accumulating coins, the user can purchase one of many unique spaceships with varying strengths. Then, the spaceship flies throughout the solar system, where the user must dodge an onslaught of asteroids to reach Halley's Comet and safely return to Earth.
Technical Components Used: Image Sprites, Lists, Randomization, Touch Input, Audio, Multiple Screens.
Additional Comments: Additional Comments: With the exception of music, all components of this game are completely original and made by the team throughout the AppJam+ term.


App Name: STEM Olympics
Mentor(s): John C.
Team Members: Isabella S., John S., Ryan E.
App Description: Science, technology, engineering, and math take on the official Olympics! The game implements three different summer Olympic events all incorporating an aspect of STEM. The user competes against the clock to answer all the questions to achieve gold medals!
Technical Components Used: Multiple screens, movable images on multiple canvases, programmed audio cues, randomized question database, background music, smooth UI for a pleasant, intuitive user experience.

Team Overclocked

App Name: Business Simulator
Mentor(s): Kelsey Y.
Team Members: Eric P., Angel Z.,Samuel C., Allison L., Joshua K.
App Description: In Business Simulator, players get to build their business into a respected company with worldwide trading partners. Within 5 minutes, players must manage their funds and resources and strategically choose which country to trade with. The revenue fluctuates depending on how the player trades with different continents. The goal of the game is to have the highest revenue out of all the other companies from the different continents. A fun aspect of our game is that every minute, a bonus question will pop up about a specific country and the player can answer the question correctly for extra revenue!
Technical Components Used: Audio, ImageSprites, Timer, Buttons, Table arrangements, Global and local variables, and Random integers.
Additional Comments: We hope you enjoy our game!

The Debuggers

App Name: Trade Inc.
Mentor(s): Mina B.
Team Members: Gloria D., Brendan W., Ismael C., Daniel L.
App Description: Trade Inc. is a trivia trading app which lets the player pick missions for every continent in the world, where the goal is to gather all the resources needed to beat the game. To gather resources, the player needs to answer a series of timed multiple-choice questions related to the continent they select, with a limited number of lives. The game will require general knowledge about countries from all over the world (food, trade, culture, history, etc.)
Technical Components Used: Databases, Global and Local variables, audio, video, timer clock, Buttons, Canvas with image sprites, Vertical and Horizontal Arrangements, Procedures, Graphics/UI design.
Additional Comments: The team members were highly self-motivated and eager to create the best app possible. Great cooperation and improvement in Computer Science. Given the time constraint, they were unable to expand on the app and implement ideas like trading between continents for resources and buying/selling of resources.

Team Infinity

App Name: Conquer the World.
Mentor(s): Phuc N.
Team Members: Emma N., Prem M., Andrew Y., Caroline I.
App Description: Do you want to become an entrepreneur, but don't know how? Then this is the perfect game for you! Go on an adventure to create and grow your company by navigating through the real-world business environment!
Technical Components Used: Databases, audio, imagesprite, clock, layout arrangements, text box, buttons, and labels.

Team Error 404 - CITD Category Winners!

App Name: Working the World.
Mentor(s): Samantha Y.
Team Members: Raina H., Eric B., Brian G., Dhruv P.
App Description: Learn about three different regions around the world by interact- ing in mini games by "Working the World". Through each mini game get ready to experience different regions in our world. Be a cook by "Cooking in the world" and find out about Asia and its various types of dishes in that region. Be a distributor by "Shipping in the world" help send boxes to find out about the Latin America region through answering true and false questions. Lastly, be an agent by "Spying on the World" head on a mission to learn about Europe and its region.
Technical Components Used: Random selection, layouts, audio, buttons, image sprites, canvas, text.
Additional Comments: Artwork on the title screen and main menu screen was created by the team.

The Secret Pachchala Society

App Name: Cooking with Countries
Mentor(s): Gregory V.
Team Members: Eric L., Sharon W., Harry P., Connor P., Shanti Gomez.
App Description: Cooking With Countries is a fun interactive game where players have to collect food ingredients in order to create a dish from a certain Country. When completed, a brief description of the dish will be given. This app educates players on the different cuisines all over the world!
Technical Components Used: This app uses a database in order to store different Coun- tries which will be implemented as levels. In each level there are imagine sprites, touch implementation, logical operators, conditional statements, and audio.