Spring 2016

We successfully launched our first ever Spring 2016 AppJam+ program by partnering with 3 schools, Boys & Girls Club of Garden Grove, Doig Intermediate, Harbor Day School and Rancho San Joaquin Middle School.

Showcase Winners:
1st Place: LUots (Doig Intermediate)
2nd Place: Coders Copyright (Rancho San Joaquin Middle School)
3rd Place:  Ferocious Bubble Eateres (Harbor Day School)
4th Place: Pink Fluffy Unicorns (Rancho San Joaquin Middle School)
Wells Fargo Challenger Winner: Team Green (Harbor Day School)

Learn more about the apps created by the students teams from each school by clicking through the school tabs below.

VIP (Very Important Programmers) – Wells Fargo Challenger

App Name: Carnivaltopia
Mentor(s): Manisha P.
Team Members: Esha, Shyam, Jacob, Brandon
App Description: Carnivaltopia is aimed to educate kids 6-12 the basics of financial management, involving checking and savings accounts through a fun filled experience within a carnival where they can take turns being an employee, a booth owner, and if they're especially good with their management … a carnival owner!
Technical Components Used: Database, audio, sensors, animation

Extreme Programmers (XP)

App Name: Spacetopia
Mentor(s): Katie Y.
Team Members: Beau C., Keisuke Y., Samuel G., Sofia Franco, Tiffany L.
App Description: The goal of this fun and educational app is to teach STEM subjects, specifically math, astronomy and physics, to kids in grade levels 3-8. There are three different mini games, balloon popping, basket catching and car maneuvering. For each mini game, the user earns a certain amount of points that goes towards moving onto the next level, each proceeding level getting progressively harder. The different levels are each held on a planet in our solar system so as the user's score increases, there is the illusion that he/she is flying through space.
Technical Components Used: Databases, Audio, Notifiers, Clocks, ImageSprites

Coders Copyright - 2nd Place Winner!

App Name: Oland the Slayer
Mentor(s): Cristian G.
Team Members: Vishnu R., Ambarish R. , Avery K. , Carly Z., Katherine M.
App Description: Oland is a teenager that lost his family so he had to go live in the caves. He noticed that there are scary dangerous monsters in the caves. He decides that he wants to destroy these monsters so that they never reach the village on main ground. He uses chemistry potions and weapons to be able to defeat the monsters.
Technical Components Used: Data base, Custom Images, Canvas and Image Sprites, Notifiers, Sounds

Pink Fluffy Unicorns – Wells Fargo Challenger & 4th Place Winner!

App Name: Unidragons
Mentor(s): Jonathan Y.
Team Members: Nidhi D., Shaina W., Jay V., Anjaly
App Description: Learn time and money management while building your dragon farm!
Technical Components Used: Database, graphics, sound, touch screen, persistent timer events
Additional Comments: While the app may not seem extremely technologically advanced, behind the scenes, the kids have nicely designed the app's backend

25 DoigStreet

App Name: Infection
Mentor(s): Tu N.
Team Members: Eric A., Charlotte P., Minh H., David C., D’Angelo B. Z.
App Description: Live the life of your favorite disease! Infection allows you to play as the common flu, Ebola, or the black plague as you try to infect the host's body. The faster you answer math and science questions, the more effective your method of infection will be.
Technical Components Used: The students made all the graphics and audio. The questions and answers are randomly generated (not coded) and screens are "dynamically" programmed. As a result, 25 different screens can be made with "5" screens.

Chicky Nuggets

App Name: The Sewers
Mentor(s): Lizette O.
Team Members: Kevin U., Dat N., Thomas D., Trevor B., Khoi N.
App Description: The Sewers is a level based chemistry game useful for memorizing elements and their information from the periodic table. The objective is to help Ricky Reaction, a mad scientist whose lab is based in a sewer, destroy his mutant monsters. The game starts by identifying element names with their atomic number, symbol, and weight. As the game progresses, the player will be given a different piece of information to identify the element needed to attack the monster. The characters were design and created by the students.
Technical Components Used: Audio, Accelerator, Buttons, Image Sprites, Text to Speech, Video Player

LUots - 1st Place Winner!

App Name: Lost Unicorn of the Sea
Mentor(s): John S.
Team Members: The D., Kelly Y., Hang K., Caillou K.
App Description: A lost narwhal tries to find its way back home while overcoming obstacles and learning about the sea. With the help of Snappy the crab, the young narwhal will learn about the sea it grew up in, its fellow creatures and be guided how to escape the evil gang of sharks preventing it from rejoining its family.
Technical Components Used: Music and audio effects, touch and fling, gyroscope, accelerometer, moving sprites, internal list arrays and on-flash database.
Additional Comments: The team overcame a shortened timeframe due to holidays and spring vacation, multiple team member turnover and time stealing required extracurriculars to create this heartwarming app of a young narwhal overcoming obstacles to find a way home.

The Titans

App Name: Monster Manor
Mentor(s): Isley G.
Team Members: Marcelo M., Julian F., Damian R., Christopher T., Minh N.
App Description: Tilt to move the trapped puppy through each room of obstacles. For every monster you run into, you lose a heart, but you can redeem a heart for each question you answer correctly at the end of each round. Each of three rounds contains more monsters. Make it out of all three rounds to escape the mansion!
Technical Components Used: Database, audio, clock, accelerometer, image sprites, lists, canvas, labels, buttons, vertical/horizontal layouts.

Team Green – Wells Fargo Challenger Winner!

App Name: Cash Kings
Mentor(s): Ashley C., Danny M.
Team Members: Jack J., Shaan S.
App Description: Cash Kings is a game about saving money. You have to do chores to make money, you can buy mini games that are fun. The chores have questions related to economics and money. Ultimately, the goal is to learn how to make money and learn how to spend it wisely.
Technical Components Used: We used databases to store money throughout the application. We use lists to hold questions. And we used animations to help bring our app to life.

Formula X

App Name: Stranded
Mentor(s): Anthony L., Kimberly V.
Team Members: Carson M., Richard L., Darian M.
App Description: Stranded is an action-adventure game that follows our central character after his ship gets wrecked, when he tries to fight his way to his escape. He enters different worlds, and while armed with an assortment of weapons, the player uses their knowledge of various STEM topics--including math, geography, and science in order to attack the monster ahead of him. The faster you get the correct answer, the more damage you do to the monster; if you get the monster's health down to 0, you proceed to the next level, but beware...any wrong answer and the monster fights back! Will you lead our character to his safety?
Technical Components Used: Audio, timer/clock components, animation, and graphics (designed using Photoshop) were all used

Ferocious Bubble Eaters - 3rd Place Winner!

App Name: Earth Explored
Mentor(s): Arash N., Gillian B.
Team Members: Ayden N., Max L., Isabel G., Lukas H.
App Description: Earth Explored is an adventure/puzzle game where you are an explorer and you are journeying down to the center of the earth. Each layer of the Earth, from Crust to the Inner Core, will have a STEM related problem and you must answer it correctly in order to move forward. Each layer will have a different problem so you would never get bored! This app guarantees that you will learn new things from Math to Science to even Health. The creators are also confident that you will have fun while playing this app.
Technical Components Used: Databases, orientation sensor, timers, and audio.
Additional Comments: The creators wanted the game to be as original as possible. They made original buttons, the game logo, the molecules in one of the problems and the drill image. They also made the riddles in one of the levels. Each level will contain a different puzzle, so this app has 6 different mini games plus a bonus fun facts page!

Dry Grass – Wells Fargo Challenger

App Name: SpaceNautica
Mentor(s): Jerry G., Anshul S.
Team Members: Patrick B., Andrew K., Ian N., Anson C.
App Description: Our app, SpaceNautica, is a time-based adventure game. During one of your expeditions the spaceship collides with an asteroid and you must survive various hardships and get safely back to Earth. As time goes by random events occur that will bring you closer to your doom. You must be able to balance your budget and request the correct items that will keep you alive on your journey back home.
Technical Components Used: App used databases to transfer information from screen to screen. All art was created in photoshop by the students.