Fall PYLUSD 2017

The 1st district-wide AppJam+ Program & Showcase Finale Event concluded on November 29th with students from all 6 Junior High Schools in the Placentia-Yorba Linda School District. The Showcase finale event was held at the Performing Arts Center in Placentia-Yorba Linda and featured presentations from 30 student teams.

With nearly 150 middle school students from Bernardo Yorba Middle School, Kraemer Middle School, Travis Ranch School, Tuffree Middle School, Valadez Middle School Academy and Yorba Linda Middle School, judges had an incredibly tough task to select 4 four winners to take the prize. In addition to the friendly judging competition, a "Best Poster" award was voted on by participating students

Showcase Winners:
1st Place: RPG Crew (Yorba Linda Middle School)
2nd Place: Team Mystery (Tuffree Middle School)
3rd Place: Team Ninja (Tuffree Middle School)
4th Place: Team Gaming Gods (Valadez Middle School Academy)
Student Favorite (Best Poster): The Survivors (Bernardo Yorba Middle School)

Learn more about the apps created by the students teams from each school by clicking through the school tabs below.

Space Waffles

App Name: Space Adventures
Mentor(s): Melany Y.
Team Members: Santi B., Devan S., Zhou C.
App Description: Lost in outer space, the player has to navigate through the universe going through different levels, defeating enemies to find their way back home all the while testing their STEM knowledge to continue on their journey!
Technical Components Used: Image sprites, layout, timer, buttons, labels, and audio

The Captains

App Name: Sailing Ships
Mentor(s): Ahad H.
Team Members: Cami D., Kelise W., Chris C., Noah H.
App Description: There is a main story line along with a minigame. The main story line requires the player to be sent by the King and Queen of Britain to colonize the Americas in the 1600s. On the way, the player has to collect 20 chests as fast as possible and avoid the enemies. In the minigame, the player has 60 seconds to collect as many chests as they can. Hitting an enemy causes STEM related questions to popup which wastes time on the clock.
Technical Components Used: Audio, Vibration, Choice of Characters, Animations
Additional Comments: I was surprised by the amount of creativity and skill the students had despite them not having any experience with App Inventor prior.

Smart Coders

App Name: Math Island
Mentor(s): Shabahram S.
Team Members: Darshil V., Madeline S., Sachi B.
App Description: The game aims to teach 3rd graders about math through an interactive quiz. The game has six castles (representing different levels): addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fraction and decimal. At each given level the student (Player) must answer the question correctly in order to advance to next question. Since the questions are not multiple choice, a canvas (representing a chalk-board) has been provided, in case the player need to use it as a scratch paper to solve the problems. Features like Windows Narrator (Text To Speech) is to help students who are vision impairment. The player also can use the Speech recognition feature if they wish to use it instead of typing in their answer.
Technical Components Used: Audio, Graphic, Text To Speech, Speech Recognition, Database, Lists, Animation, Audio, Buttons, Labels, Canvas, Image Sprite, Timer, Dynamically changing labels questions and buttons' texts, Using Layout Arrangements and multiple screens, Procedures, Global and local variables.
Additional Comments: As the teams' first experience in coding and developing Android apps, considering time constraint which prevented us to cover more subjects and implementing more features, the team worked passionately and diligently to build this application. In the future, they would want to implement more animation and cover more subjects in their app.

The Survivors - Best Poster!

App Name: Reaching Tomorrow
Mentor(s): Jazmin M.
Team Members: Andrew H., Myles A., Kyle S., Guande X.
App Description: A quest to save the world! You are a scientist and the zombie apocalypse has just become a reality. It is not just your duty, but your nature to go out and find potions to create a cure for those who have been infected. You must solve math questions to defeat the zombies during your quest and hopefully collect enough potions to create a vaccine to save the rest of the world.
Technical Components Used: Audio, timers, lists, randomizers, questions, moveable sprites, canvas, if/then statements, logical operators, labels, buttons, arrangements, touch options.
Additional Comments: The imagination my kids have is unbelievable! They blew me away and I am very grateful to have been able to work with them to make their vision come true to the best of my abilities.

The Elite 4

App Name: Battle Bots
Mentor(s): Cristian G.
Team Members: Seamus D., Scott C., Lauren T.
App Description: The app starts off with a group of friends walking together. They then hear a crash and burn from a barn so they go investigate it. From there they find themselves sucked into having to Battle Bots to save themselves.
Technical Components Used: To name just components it would be databases sound, images, buttons, layouts, canvases and sprites. We used a database throughout the game to keep track of information. We drew text on the canvas and would change it to match what we wanted throughout many of the screens. We also used a lot of functions to help us make our coding a lot easier. In those functions, we used the functions parameters to create code that could be used for multiple things.


App Name: A Fruitful Adventure
Mentor(s): Brandon M.
Team Members: Aaron H., Christopher P., Emily P., Owen C., Richard G., Ryan B.
App Description: A Fruitful Adventure is a game about a smoothie cup that lost his fruit friends. Without his friends he is an incomplete smoothie. The player goes through the game playing as the smoothie cup. In each level the player must dodge random objects to reach the checkpoint. At the check point, the player will be prompted to answer a math or science question. When the question is answered correctly, the player will receive seeds. A wrong answer will yield no seeds and you must try again. At the end of the game the player can use the seeds to purchase fruit in the market. The end goal is to make your smoothie whole again.
Technical Components Used: Score board, colliding objects, database, movement w/timer, objects bouncing off edges, visible and invisible tables
Additional Comments: The students had a lot of great ideas and I wanted to give them the opportunity to express themselves in the game. You will find that the levels vary in characters, colors, questions, and overall all appeal. The students learned the tools needed to create their game, and I left no limit to their imagination.


App Name: Alex Unplugged
Mentor(s): Taneisha A.< br/> Team Members: Alexandria A., Braeden L., Jason M., Paige R., Prince M.
App Description: The mainframe supercomputer supporting robot life has been hacked by an unknown source. All robots have been deactivated...except for one...Alex, the "head" robot. It is up to Alex now to get to the core of this problem by troubleshooting through the layers of the mainframe's computer architecture. Can Alex solve the puzzles and overcome the logical challenges to discover and eliminate the virus to bring all robots back to ""life"? In this game you are Alex. Each layer of the mainframe architecture corresponds to a level in computer architecture. You will start out at level 2 (the highest level) corresponding to the Graphical User Interface, and make your way down to level 0 (the lowest level) dealing with binary numbers. This game hopes to provide a high level introduction to the concepts of computer architecture through interactive, role-playing puzzles and informative cheat sheets. Good luck! The fate of the robots of the world is in your hands!
Technical Components Used: Animation, audio, lists, binary-decimal conversion, vibration, twitter(maybe)

Kraemer Kodies

App Name: The Great Space Escape
Mentor(s): Jinnie C.
Team Members: Caylen J., Elliot K., Ethan K.
App Description: In our game, the player is an astronaut who is stranded on Mars due to broken spaceship. Important items such as water, metal to fix the spaceship, GPS to Earth, and other items that will come in handy throughout the game are spread in different planets of the Solar System. Except we excluded Mercury in our game because it is the closest planet to the Sun and the astronaut cannot survive in such high temperature. However, we included Venus to add some risk factor into our game. There is a very small possibility of landing on Venus, but if the player do so, it is an automatic game over. Also there is a small chance of landing at Neptune, which is a secret pathway to Earth. The player gets to start at Mars, and once the player finds all the items that can be found, the player is allowed to fly to another planet, which is chosen at random. Once the player finds all the items, the player can safely return to Earth. Have fun playing our Great Space Escape!
Technical Components Used: Audio

The Cod3rs+

App Name: Survivors
Mentor(s): Randy B.
Team Members: Blanquita A., Gregory C., Lucas C., Matthew V., Nina K., Tushaar M.
App Description: Our app tests your knowledge of math while also having fun! You get to choose your character and then fight monsters and bosses by answering questions. The monster will shoot numbers down at you and you have to move your character back and forth to select the right answer! The answers come fast, so think quick! When you get an answer correct, the monster loses health; if you get an answer wrong, your character loses health. Try to beat all the levels and get to the boss!
Technical Components Used: We used the timer to make the answers fall down at a certain speed. When the character image sprite collides with the answer image sprite, it checks if the answer is correct by using some if statements. We used a list to keep track of the different questions that can be asked.
Additional Comments: The kids loved it and they now have a better idea of how to work in a team to create something big!

Obsessive Creative Design

App Name: The Oregon Trail
Mentor(s): John S.
Team Members: Brooklyn P., Connor L., Doyon K., Ericson Z., Ethan C., Taylor A.
App Description: Inksly's from the planet Oregon need the help of a boy or girl from Earth to help defeat a rogue Mother Nature from making their planet inhospitable. Instead of asking you for help they instead kidnap you and place you into the deep forests of Oregon to fend off the hostile environment and solve their problems at the same time. Collecting "atoms" along your journey, you can combine them in your bag to create "molecules" to help heal, defend, and pacify the world one tree and one Inksly at a time.
Technical Components Used: We used a TinyDB element to track information between Screen elements, audio effects using Sound element and music depending on current actions using Player element, approximately 20 concurrent Sprites, employed multi-layout screens to save space, moving 2D background, accelerometer during battles as game mechanic.
Additional Comments: Another very ambitious idea from one of my teams. The team really came together quickly and formed this idea in a 2 hour session early on. The concept has been simplified since its original conception but if and when fully implemented should be quite fun to play. At the time of this writing we still have 3 days (6 hours) to finish the game. It is coming together, but we still have a lot to do. While ALL of the graphics were drawn by Taylor and Doyon, I helped trim their drawings and backgrounds in Photoshop to manageable sizes. Brooklyn found all the audio for the game as well performed some audio editing, and worked on the initial screen design and programming of the game introduction with Ericson. Ericson wrote the story of the game with input from all team members, and helped with introductory screen designs and character design. Connor designed the forest travel scenes as well as the battle implementation. Ethan designed and implemented the inventory system which includes atoms and the ability to combine them into molecules AKA as potions used to heal, defend and pacify.

Blue Hotdog Stealers

App Name: Planetside Protectors
Mentor(s): Douglas G.
Team Members: Dylan B., Harrison H., Macy P., Kade S., Eriana S.
App Description: The world's protection is in your hands! Choose a robot commander and embark on the mission to save the entire planet! This is a real time strategy game that tests your skills in resource management, decision making, and planning. Learn valuable facts about the planets in our Solar System. Featuring over 30 verified facts about planets such as Earth, Mars, and Neptune! The game features multiple characters to choose from at the start. From there, choose a planet to protect from an alien invasion. You will send units from your base towards the enemy base while they send counter units. The team who can destroy the other's base first wins. Easy to pick-up, hard to master. We hope you enjoy our app!
Technical Components Used: Touch input; timer; vibration; animation; database (characters & worlds); randomization
Additional Comments: Everything about the app was created by the students themselves. The music was hand crafted using an 8-bit music maker while every piece of art in the game was hand drawn in a retro 8-bit style. The students really expressed their creativity!

Know Buddies

App Name: Ocean Buddies
Mentor(s): Danny P.
Team Members: Ethan J., John H., Meleana H., Shanza B., Wyatt G.
App Description: As a diver or a mermaid, your curiosity drives you to embark on an adventure to explore the deep unknown ocean. Throughout your journey, you get hopelessly lost in a sea cave and need to escape. As you attempt to find your way out, you are confronted by exotic sea creatures! You must solve math problems to obtain majestical powers from all of the sea creatures in order to escape!
Technical Components Used: A database was implemented in order to create an aspect of the app called “Creatures Found,” where the player was able to check at any time whether or not they’ve obtained a sea creature’s powers. During the game, information is constantly fetched from the database in order for the player to change to any character at any given time. Music is also being played throughout the game and sound effects were implemented for certain aspects of the game. Photoshop, a very advanced image editing software, was utilized in order to aesthetically enhance the overall looks of the game (3D buttons, custom text boxes as images, and image shading). Multiple functions were also created in order to periodically check if a player was eligible to move onto the next level.
Additional Comments: The Know Buddies were very ecstatic to see their imagination come to life and were always striving more towards the aesthetics side of the game. Their main focus was to always optimize how the game looks. Because they were so proud of their creation, they wanted to attract more people to it.

Guardians of STEM

App Name: Sammy’s Voyage
Mentor(s): Jacelyn M.
Team Members: Braden R., Owen S., Blake C., Mason O., Aidan M.
App Description: Our team created an app that tests your math your math skills. Our character Sammy has is an alien leaf guy who is trying to save his friend Peem and you save his friend by answering math questions correctly.
Technical Components Used: My group created space music and used images sprites so that Sammy can shoot a villain with his blaster.

Optimistic Noodle Squad

App Name: Back to 2D
Mentor(s): Michael L.
Team Members: Emma B., Ethan N., Kayleen G., Justin L.
App Description: Back to 2D is a game about a 2D character who gets stuck in the 3D world and has to defeat noodle monsters by solving math problems. The game is intended to help 3rd graders practice their math skills.
Technical Components Used: Accelerometer movement, timed movement, randomly chosen questions, and hand-drawn character sprites

Math Astronauts

App Name: Space Smath
Mentor(s): Jessica W.
Team Members: Luke M., Angela W., Katie L., Aly A., Daniel C.
App Description: Space Smath is a game where you travel through space and face the wrath of math and science questions in order to get to the planet Cookie. Throughout the journey, you build a spaceship, encounter asteroids, become friends with aliens, and discover a new planet... Cookie!
Technical Components Used: Created and implemented 8-bit audio and graphics, moving sprites, global variables, logical operators, table arrangements, labels, buttons, canvas, movement on a timer, touch input

Original Falcon Hackers

App Name: Super Math Quest
Mentor(s): Aishwarya B.
Team Members: Adreian A., Gavin R., Emily B., Nicholas T., Wisam H., Kathryn W.
App Description: Our game is a quest to help a brother save his sister, who was taken by an evil wizard. You progress through the four levels to reach the final boss battle against the wizard by solving math problems in a certain amount of time and at each level the math problems get more difficult.
Technical Components Used: Buttons, Audio, ImageSprites, Timers

Appsolutely Awesome

App Name: Mystical Math Maze
Mentor(s): Karishma M.
Team Members: Evan B., Kalissa M., Kaitlyn P., Cynthiana R., Samer H.
App Description: A quest to get through a spooky maze by defeating the enemies when you answer the math question wrong and make the wrong turn, or continuing on through the maze as the questions get harder and harder.
Technical Components Used: Audio, Clocks, Lists, Animation, Audio, Buttons, Canvas, ImageSprite, Changing label and buttons with question and answer options for multiple choice questions, Table Arrangements, Procedures, Global variables, and Local Variables
Additional Comments: Appsolutely Awesome has worked with passion and enthusiasm throughout the entire app making process! AppJam+ has given them a new drive of creativity and has allowed them to develop skills they didn't know they had. We hope you enjoy the app and thank you for taking the time to judge us!

Team Mystery – 2nd Place Winners!

App Name: Levels of Mystery
Mentor(s): Curtis T.
Team Members: Jack M., Christian R., Jeff A., Malak H., Treyton O., Lorissa P.
App Description: The concept for our team’s app is a maze escape. The player must answer STEM related questions to collect enough keys to escape. The targeted age group for our game is 6th-8th grade students.
Technical Components Used: We used the accelerometer, timers, and touch inputs as the main technical components.
Additional Comments: The main focus of our team was the games functionality as we had a lot of technical components we wanted to make sure got all of our features were functioning.

Team Ninja – 3rd Place Winners!

App Name: Ninja Vs. Zombies: Outbreak!
Mentor(s): John L.
Team Members: Ariella B., Tyler J., Riley T., Austin F., Allyson L.
App Description: The Ninja base is under siege by zombies!
You've been assigned a special mission: Prevent the zombies from taking over the world! Join our hero in an epic struggle to repel the intruders from our base and protect our people from harm.
Designed and developed by Team Ninja, NVZ: Outbreak! is a unique infinite scroller where the character runs throughout a seemingly endless map. The player will use the entire left and right halves of the screen to either slide under, or attack oncoming enemies. To defeat enemies, flying enemies need to be slid under, and zombies need to be attacked. Choose the incorrect action, and you must face a question. Answer the question wrong, and you lose a heart. Each player will receive 3 hearts. The players will continue to try and stack up their score by defeating enemies until the final heart is lost, and set the high score.
Technical Components Used: We use timers, a database for the high score, audio, music, image sprites, buttons, and layouts. The entire game happens on a single screen, to save as much space as possible. We achieved the infinite scrolling by increasing the screen size to three times its width, and creating duplicates of each ground and background texture. When one moves offscreen, it moves right behind its copy, creating the illusion of infinite scrolling. We also utilize a concept called the "Parallax Effect" which gives the illusion of depth to a 2d space. The further back the object is, the slower it moves. We've also been able to add in an animation system for our characters in the game by looping through each sprite frame, and manipulating the name text of the sprite image, so everything on the screen is moving. Another noteworthy element is our randomized question generation. No two questions will ever be the same as each number in the equation is randomly generated, so memorization of answers is impossible. This allows for a longer lasting gameplay experience as users are not memorizing from a fixed list of questions.
Additional Comments: There are a lot of moving parts in our app and a lot of assets, so it seems the performance of our app suffers quite a bit. Given more time, we would have experimented more with optimization to provide players with a smoother gameplay experience, but our team has put a lot of effort into NVZ: Outbreak!, and we're proud of what we've been able to accomplish in such a short time!

N.E.R.S. Inc.

App Name: Math Quest
Mentor(s): Jerry G.
Team Members: Sofia A., Darius M., Enrique B., Rebecca S., Natalie S.
App Description: Math quest is a 2D adventure that takes you through 4 different levels. Each level has its own theme and mechanic that fits with the setting. The adventure will take you through a forest, volcano, haunted house, and spooky village while answering the questions with the themes mechanic under a time limit. Hope you enjoy our game.
Technical Components Used: Audio, clocks, randomization, sprite detection, touch detection
Additional Comments: Each student had their own unique idea for the game. They came up with an overall mechanic and subject together but each student worked on their own respective levels on their own while supporting and helping each other.

Marvel Adventurers

App Name: Math Heroes
Mentor(s): Kelsey Y.
Team Members: Ana C., Julie C., Emely F., David G.
App Description: Our game is about a superhero that battles against an evil villain trying to destroy different planets. The user chooses the superhero they think can defeat the villain and solves various math problems that scale in difficulty as the game progresses.
Technical Components Used: Database, randomizing lists, image sprites, canvas, audio, buttons, global and local variables, and procedures.
Additional Comments: Our team is really proud of the game we created and we all worked together to overcome the challenges that comes with app development. We hope that everyone gets a chance to play our game and has fun with it!


App Name: Escape Temple Wars
Mentor(s): Ganeshram C.
Team Members: Dennise F., Amy G., Denisse M., Leslie M., Leilani I.
App Description: Escape temple wars aims to teach STEM to kids who are in grades 4, 5 and 6, by asking them questions based on both science and math. It begins with questions for grade 4 and goes till grade 6. The game is set in a jungle and the player is trying to escape the jungle by engaging in a fight with an animal and defeating it. The player has to answer right to defeat the animal and that'll help with the players progress in escaping the jungle.
Technical Components Used: It uses buttons, animations, audio and video elements.

We’re Tired of This

App Name: Tire Destroyers
Mentor(s): Alejandro V.
Team Members: Abdiel B., Isaiah C., Peter H., Alexiz V., Christopher J.
App Description: After a car crash, a tire is separated from its car and needs to find its way back! In our game, Tire Destroyer, the player solves math problems and dodges projectiles in order to return the lost tire safely to its car. Our goal is to provide a fast paced, action-packed game that educates elementary school students about math. We hope you enjoy our game as much as we enjoyed making it!
Technical Components Used: Our technological components include: a canvas to hold the image sprites and background, buttons to let the user to move from screen to screen, lists with randomized items to display different questions on the screen, an accelerometer lets the user tilt the device to move the tire, audio for background music and sound effects, and many control structures and procedures on the backend to make these components function cohesively.
Additional Comments: The team has worked extremely hard to make this game a reality. After these 10 weeks, they have all expressed interest in exploring the various aspects of app development (coding, audio, graphics) in the future! Thank you for taking the time to judge our application!

Scooby Snacks

App Name: The Pixel Mystery
Mentor(s): Jean-Paul N.
Team Members: Sherlyn A., An P., Alexander V., Tatiana G.
App Description: The pixelated game is an adventure following a detective as he/she looks for two missing children through discovering map pieces to find the location. With each piece of the map, there accompanies mathematical questions ranging in difficulty from 6th to 8th grade math. The player acts as the detective, and he/she has to get the math problems correct in order to retrieve the piece and go to the next one. Find the pieces to find the missing children in this app, the Pixel Mystery!
Technical Components Used: The graphics of the game were almost completely created by the kids, with music to accompany the player. In addition, the game utilizes movement with buttons along with button functionality to answer multiple choice questions. Finally, as a way to make the game faster to run and more fun overall, the team opted to use fewer screens in lieu of vertical arrangements, which allowed for faster switches between parts of the game (e.g. menu, instructions, game).
Additional Comments: Even though these kids were not always able to come, they put in the effort and the time to code their games every chance they got.

Team Gaming Gods - 4th Place Winners!

App Name: The Lost Planet
Mentor(s): Julie T.
Team Members: Alexis A., Anthony O., Edgar O., Jesse S., Eduardo T.
App Description: Astronaut Jeremy was sent into space for a routine mission to the space station. All of a sudden, he finds himself sucked into a black hole and into another universe. Help Jeremy return home by answering math questions to restore energy to his ship!
Technical Components Used: sprites, canvas, audio, buttons, timers for cutscenes


App Name: Magyk
Mentor(s): John C.
Team Members: Francis W., JingRan Y., Mandalay C., Owen R.
App Description: Our app is a mathematically based adventure game with a simple, yet effective user interface. The main protagonist is a witch traveling through several different environments and encountering magical, but evil beings with differing levels of difficulty. The witch defeats the evil creatures by solving randomly generated math equations at a proficient middle school level. Additionally, when we say “random,” we really mean random. No two playthroughs of the game will be the same. The probability any two playthroughs of the game being the same is significantly less than 0.01%, more specifically: 7.43e-61 (a very small number).
Technical Components Used: The mobile application utilizes original audio/music on cues, original art/visuals, multiple screens, scrolling text, flashing text, random generators of mathematical equations, databases of mathematical operators, answer randomizers, transition clocks, a plethora of image sprites on multiple canvases, and abstraction of code blocks into smaller functions to make the code more legible and easier to understand for future reference.
Additional Comments: Each student had their own specialties they brought to the table such as visuals, audio, and programming passions. Each were able to contribute a crucial part of the app development process similar to that of a real-world app development team.


App Name: Permutations
Mentor(s): Griffin D.
Team Members: Dane R., Gabriel E., Jenna S., Zachary B.
App Description: We designed our app to be simplistically enticing. The user is given a target score that is generated randomly from 1 - 100. From there, you are given 9 buttons that have numbers (1 - 9) and mathematical operators (+, -, x, /) on them. The user uses these buttons to get their current score (starts at 0) to the target score. Once you click on a button, a new number or operator will appear on it. The user is also given a shuffle button, which randomizes the numbers and operators on the buttons to allow the user to have better options for getting closer to the target score. You lose by getting a fraction or by maxing out on your equation to get you to the target score. The way to win is to get to your target score without using more than 9 expressions. You can get to your target score in many ways depending on how you use your operators and numbers, hence the app name Permutations.
Technical Components Used: audio, accelerometer

The Hackers

App Name: Monkey Mania
Mentor(s): Chad L.
Team Members: Isabella S., Jacob V., John S.
App Description: Monkey Mania strengthens students' ability to multi-task by having them solve math equations while trying to stay alive! Students play as Jobo the monkey, and they have to avoid touching the bananas (as tempting as it is) while solving as many math equations as they can in order to rack up the best possible score.
Technical Components Used: The application utilizes randomized number generators in order to create math equations that are almost never the same, a score keeper showing how many problems a player gets right (and wrong), a movable sprite that follows directions through a control pad, global variables to store information, and of course, many many lines of code that include if/else statements, procedures, and more!


App Name: Z-Pocalypse
Mentor(s): David L.
Team Members: Henry X., Ian S., Michael B., Robert R.
App Description: In this app you have to answer a question before the zombie reaches you. There are three different levels and each one has either an Algebra, Science, or Physics problem. If you answer the question correct then you can go on to a more difficult level.
Technical Components Used: Audio, movement on timer, background music, collision detector, visibility enabler, buttons, textboxes, and other small functions to improve game quality.
Additional Comments: These kids worked extremely hard on this app and have displayed great teamwork. They incorporated all of their ideas and came up with this app. They picked up the coding fairly quick and needed little assistance when coding. They have great potential when it comes to their future with game development! It was a great experience to mentor these students!

RPG Crew - 1st Place Winners!

App Name: Spooky Scary Skeletons vs. Science
Mentor(s): Christopher P.
Team Members: Brandon S., Jason W., Joycelyn T., Kaiden B.
App Description: Our app, "Spooky Scary Skeletons v.s. Science" teaches students about elementary sciences! When the player first begins their journey, they step into the app as the brilliant scientist, Jerry, who falls into a lake and wakes up in another dimension. In order to escape, the player has to solve a variety of science questions in order to fight their way back out! The aim of our app is to encourage students to become more involved with STEM related fields, in a fun and creative way!
Technical Components Used: Touch input is the main technological component that is used throughout our app. Addition components include different questions appearing throughout the levels, as well as navigation through multiple screens.
Additional Comments: We had an overall great time creating the app. Our team was more than pleased to watch our code work as we played our app! Hope you all enjoy it as much as we did!