Who We Are

The AppJam+ program is the main outreach initiative of Dreams for Schools, which oversees programs and initiatives that contribute to educating youth about Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) fields. The mission of Dreams for Schools is to inspire, create and educate students to be STEM literate with hard and soft skills needed to become the critical thinkers, creative leaders and technologists of tomorrow.

AppJam+ utilizes the concept of building software in a short period of time as a tool to excite and inform middle school students about STEM career fields while teaching them the creative and hands on technical process of mobile application development. Middle school students receive mentorship from college undergraduates and learn to make mobile apps for K-12 students.

The AppJam+ program is delivered through 1-week, 3-week or 10-week interactive afterschool classes during Spring, Summer and Fall, where students work collaboratively in teams of 3 to 5 with their college mentors to take their mobile application through the creative process from brainstorming to task specialization to fully executing their design and presenting their final product. The class sizes for AppJam+ are usually capped at 25 students to have the best personalized learning experience.

Our mission for the AppJam+ College Mentors we train:

“AppJam+ creates service oriented STEM evangelists by providing technical trainings & STEM leadership opportunities to empower youth in becoming the next generation of STEM leaders in their local community.”

Our mission for the AppJam+ Middle School Students we teach:

“Through mentorship from qualified STEM evangelists, AppJam+ will help middle school students develop their strengths as part of a service-oriented team and raise awareness of career pathways within technology.”