AppJam+ Spring 2018 PYLUSD Showcase Finale Recap & Results
June 12, 2018
AppJam+ Student Alumni: Jimmy Dang
October 12, 2018

AppJam+ Spring 2018 Showcase Finale Recap & Results

The 2018 Spring AppJam+ Program concluded with the 2nd Showcase Finale on June 6th with students from 3 Middle Schools. The Showcase finale event was held at UC Irvine with presentations from 14 middle school teams.

With nearly 75 middle school students from Irvine Intermediate, Los Alisos Intermediate, and Ralston Intermediate, judges had an incredibly tough task of selecting 4 four winners. In addition to the friendly judging competition, the event included a prize for Best Poster, which all participating students voted on.

View videos from each school here!

1st Place Winners of Google Chrome Books – JellyJam+ from Ralston Intermediate, Boys & Girls Club of Garden Grove
App Name: At a School's End
Mentor: Kevin N.
Team Members: Autumn R., Ruby B., Kaylie H., Vy T., Logan K.
App Description: After a dragon attacks the school and turns all of the teachers into animals, a student solves a series of problems in order to reverse the curse. There is one question for each subject: math, science, english, and history. In the final round, the student answers challenging questions from each subject to defeat the dragon. You have four lives and ten seconds to pick the right answers! Think you got what it takes?
Technical Components Used: Randomizer, Lists, Button, Clock, Timer, Table Arrangements, Global and Local Variables, If/Then Statements, Loops, Logical Operators, Procedures.

2nd Place Winners of Raspberry Pi Kits – Super Cool Bros from Los Alisos Intermediate
App Name: Scuba-Dog, Where Are You?
Mentor: Aishwarya B.
Team Members: Jose C., Enrique G., Jackson H., Georgy S.
App Description: Dive into the depths of the ocean as Scuba-Dog as you go on a quest to rid the ocean of pollution. With your handy-dandy water gun full of bubbles, blast through the science questions about marine biology before you run out of oxygen!
Technical Components Used: Audio, Image Sprites, Collisions, Touch Input, Random Item Generator.

3rd Place Winners of Amazon Fire Tablets – Name Under Construction from Irvine Intermediate, Boys & Girls Club of Garden Grove
App Name: Happy Shot
Mentor: Maya S.
Team Members: Rebekah B., Hayden D., Michael N., Daniel S.
App Description: Click on the targets with the correct answer to the math questions in order to move on to new levels and unlock new backgrounds! View your game stats at the end to try to win and beat your best score!
Technical Components Used: Touch Input, Timer, Audio, Digital Design, Randomization, Canvas, Timer, Variables, If/Then/Else statements, Loops, Logical Operators, User Interface Design.

4th Place Winners of Makey Makey Devices – The Ranch from Los Alisos Intermediate
App Name: Farm Run
Mentor: Geoffrey G.
Team Members: Adiba D., Carlos G., Amelia R., Mason S.
App Description: As environmental issues continue to be a growing problem, Farm Run is a game dedicated to teach players about composting. Players will control the character and determine what items can be composted. Tapping the left or right buttons moves the character in order to collect the appropriate item for composting. This is an active and fun way to be more mindful about reducing our carbon footprints.
Technical Components Used: Global variables, Timers, Random Selection, Buttons, Artwork, Canvas, Layouts, Audio, Image Sprites, and Procedures.

Student Favorite Best Poster Poster Award Winners of 14 in 1 Solor Robot Kits – Oof Inc. from Irvine Intermediate, Boys & Girls Club of Garden Grove
App Name: BasChemBall
Mentor: Natasha G.
Team Members: Grecia C., Isaac H., Aaron L., Carlo V.
App Description: Beat your opponent and win the basketball game by answering chemistry questions! Try to get past your rival or shoot in order to score points!
Technical Components Used: Audio, Random Question Selector, Image Sprites, Clock.

Closing Remarks

Each year the level of technical sophistication and depth of design that the students achieve in their apps is astounding & greater! The students were bold, enthusiastic, inspiring and impressive as they presented not only at their tables, but also on stage in front of a large audience. The videos, presentations & posters students make in support of their app improve each year, as well as the breadth of technical skills the students learn in the areas of game design, graphic editing tool, and sound editing!

Thank you all for your support of a program that not only helps participants gain technical skills and knowledge of possible STEM career paths but also increases each participant's belief in themselves and their aptitude for a career in STEM fields.

Thank you to our judges Mark Percy, Eleanor Tang, Jeff Hittenberger, Laurie Smith, Eddie Tabata, Hadar Ziv, Darren Denenberg, and Mavel Ramos!

A special thank you to our partners: UC Irvine, CSU Fullerton, Luna Grill, Bobo's, Kay Family Foundation, Croul Family Foundation.

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